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New initiative will open up the Danish construction product market


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The Danish Energy Agency is launching a new website, which will give foreign companies access to information on rules and regulations for Danish construction products. The goal is to promote competition on the Danish construction product market.

In Denmark, construction is approximately 10 to 30% more costly than in our neighbouring countries and construction product expenses make up about 60% of the total cost of a construction project. According to Statistics Denmark, the price of construction products has increased by 5.6% in 2011, which is considerably more than the general increase in prices. The Danish Energy Agency is now launching www.danishcprcontactpoint.dk where foreign companies can gain access to information and receive guidance regarding Danish requirements for construction products. The website offers the same services that Danish companies already receive on www.byggevareinfo.dk.

A serious barrier to the trade of construction products in the EU is the lack of access to information on national requirements. All EU Member States must therefore launch so-called product contact points to strengthen trade and thereby competition on the European construction product market. The Member States must have established their product contact points by 1 July 2013. Denmark has chosen to accelerate the launch of the product contact point, www.danishcprcontactpoint.dk, to promote competition on the domestic construction product market.

With www.danishcprcontactpoint.dk, European companies will gain access to information and receive guidance regarding the national requirements for construction products. The website must therefore provide information on the requirements in e.g. the Danish building regulations (BR 10). In this way, the website will advise companies from other EU Member States on the Danish requirements, which must be met, aside from the EU legislation, so that the construction product can be used lawfully for construction in Denmark.

Minister for Climate, Energy and Building, Martin Lidegaard: 

The new website will make it easier for foreign companies to focus on the Danish market. In this way, we give the Danish construction companies more suppliers to choose from and this can help increase competition and keep prices for construction products and construction down, which is beneficial for both professionals and consumers.

We are the first EU country to launch a so-called product contact point for construction products. We will, of course, stay updated on when the other EU Member States launch their sites. By leading the way, we can show the other Member States how construction product suppliers including Danish companies can gain access to the entire European market more effortlessly.

The product contact point is found at www.danishcprcontactpoint.dk.

Contact: Chief Adviser Lars Korsholm, Danish Energy Agency, tel.: +45 33 92 68 85, e-mail: lko@ens.dk.