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CE marking and rules

as a manufacturer?

CE marking is mandatory, even if you only produce and market for the domestic market.

You must find the right standard that covers the construction products you manufacture. If you are unsure, you can send the product description to byggevareinfo.  Within 24 hours, you will receive an answer as to what standard fits your product.

CE marking is based on two main principles for certification of conformity.

  • ITT (Initial Type Testing) type test or ITC (Initial Type Calculation) type testing by calculation.
  • FPC (Factory Production Control) production control.

ITT or ITC are the tests or calculations used when you must define the product characteristics.

How these are tested or calculated are described in the relevant standard.

FPC is the production control (quality management) which ensures that your construction product constantly lives up to the values specified in the ITT (ITC). It is also up to you to declare it.

You can read more about the tasks you as a manufacturer should have done before marketing the concrete elements.

System of attestation of conformity


Tasks for the manufacturerInitial Type Testing (ITT – ITC)  xx x
Factory production control (FPC)xxxxxx
Further testing of samples taken at factoryxxx   
EC Declaration of conformity/technical documentationxxxxxx
CE markingxxxxxx
Tasks for the Notified BodyInitial Testing (prototype test, ITT – ITC)xx  x 
Certification of production control (EC – certificate)xxxx  
Monitoring of production controlxxx   
Audit test of samplesx    



Whether or not a notified body is involved, you as a manufacturer must place the CE marking on the good or on the accompanying documents.

It is important that the CE marking follows the product, otherwise it may in principle be rejected on site. Although it is not a requirement, it is also be a good idea to update brochures, catalogues and websites.