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Construction Products Regulation

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) (PDF) has been in force since July 2013.

The Construction Products Regulation (305/2011/EU - CPR) (PDF) which repealed Construction Products Directive (89/106/EEC – CPD) (PDF).

It will be mandatory for products within the scope of harmonised European Standards (hENs), to carry CE marking if they are to be placed on the EU market.

For products not covered, or not fully covered, by a hEN, CE marking may be applied through a European Technical Assessment (ETA) issued by a ETA body- this is a voluntary process.

The scope of the CPR is limited to regulated issues under seven basic requirements for construction works (in CPD 1 to 6) :

  1. Mechanical resistance and stability.
  2. Safety in case of fire.
  3. Hygiene, health and the environment.
  4. Safety and accessibility in use.
  5. Protection against noise.
  6. Energy economy and heat retention.
  7. Sustainable use of natural resources.

Requirements vary between EU member states and often relate directly to national regulations. Therefore, although a product may have CE marking it may not be suitable for particular applications or for use within some member states.

Construction Products Regulation (the CPR) is to ensure reliable information on construction products in relation to their performances. This is achieved by providing a "common technical language", offering uniform assessment methods of the performance of construction products.
These methods have been compiled in harmonised European standards (hEN) and European Assessment Documents (EAD). This common technical language is to be applied by:

  • the manufacturers when declaring the performance of their products, but also by
  • the authorities of Member States when specifying requirements for them, and by
  • their users (architects, engineers, constructors...) when choosing the products most suitable for their intended use in construction works.

For more information see the European Commission's Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry website. On this site you will also find commission delegated acts which concern guidance, additions and new annexes.

The European Commission has issued a website with FAQ.

You will find more information on CE-marking and Declaration of Performance (DoP)

Regarding the primary terms in the CPR and CPD, see the following table

Definition of words
Construction Products Regulation - CPR


In English
Construction Products Regulation - CPR


In Danish
Construction Products Directive - CPD


In English
Construction Products Directive - CPD


In English
CE marking CE-mærkning CE marking CE-mærkning
Declaration of performance/DOP Ydeevnedeklaration EC Declaration of Conformity EF-overensstemmelseserklæring
EC Certificate of Conformity EF–typeattest
Notified body Notificeret organ Approved certification body Autoriseret certificeringsorgan
Type testing Typeprøvning ITT – Initial Type Testing Førstegangsprøvning
Type calculation Typeberegning ITC – Initial Type Calculation
Assessment and verification of constancy of performance Vurdering og kontrol af ydeevnens konstans Attestation of conformity with technical specifications Attestering af overensstemmelse med tekniske specifikationer
Systems of assessment and verification of constancy of performance Systemer til vurdering og kontrol af ydeevnens konstans Methods of control of conformity Ordninger for attestering af overensstemmelse
Certificate of constancy of performance of the product System 1 og 1+ : Attest for byggevarens ydeevnes konstans EC Certificate of Conformity EF–typeattest
Certificate of conformity of the factory production control System 2+ : Overensstemmelsesattest for fabrikkens egen produktionskontrol EC Certificate of Factory Production Control EF–typeattest
Determination of the product-type System 3 : Bestemmelse af varetypen Initial type-testing (ITT-report) Førstegangsprøvning af varen (ITT-rapport)
European Assessment Document - EAD (uofficiel forkortelse – findes ikke i CPR) Europæisk vurderingsdokument 1) European technical approval/ETA, kendt som en CUAP (common understanding assessment procedure)
2) Guidelines for European technical approval, kendt som en ETAG-guideline
1) Europæisk teknisk godkendelse
2) Retningslinjer for den europæiske tekniske godkendelse
Technical Assessment Bodies - TABs (officiel forkortelse – findes i CPR) Tekniske vurderingsorganer Approval Body member of EOTA Godkendelsesorgan - Medlemmer af EOTA ( i DK ETA-Danmark)