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We produce prefabricated panels that are regulated by the guideline etag017. Do we have to meet any other requirements to sell our product in Denmark?

You stated in your question that your "products are under the guideline ETAG017" i.e. if you have an ETA for the product, your product is covered of the Construction Products Directive.

In general there are not specific requirements for construction products in Denmark. The requirements regards the entire construction.

You can see the Danish building regulations at www.bygningsreglement.dk . At the moment we are in a transition periode in which both the Building Regulations 10 (BR10) and Building Regulation 15 (BR15) can be used. From the 1. of July only BR15 can be used. The Englilsh version of BR10 can be found at http://bygningsreglementet.dk/english/0/40