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Could you provide any information about the national requirements, concerning the reaction to fire classes of the thermal insulating products, intended for use onto building facades?

Which regulation do you have in Denmark concerning products made from mineral wool?

Could you give us information if there is any national legislation in your country that regulates glass fibre mesh for intended use as an ETICS component according to the harmonised technical specification ETAG-004 - External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems with Rendering?

In Denmark, the Danish Building Regulations govern the requirements to buildings and structures.

Section 4.1 regulations state: Buildings must be constructed so as to provide satisfactory conditions in terms of function, safety, sustainability and health.
Buildings must be constructed in accordance with best practice, using materials which are appropriate for the purpose.

Section 7.1 regulations state: (1) Buildings must be constructed so as to avoid unnecessary energy consumption for heating, hot water, cooling, ventilation and lighting while at the same time achieving healthy conditions.

As such the Danish Building Regulations are object based and there are no specific requirements for components of an ETICS, and therefore also not to the glass fibre reinforcement mesh itself.

You can find the Danish Building regulation in English at http://erhvervsstyrelsen.dk/file/155699/BR10_ENGLISH.pdf