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EU harmonisation and the Danish Building Regulation
The Danish Building Regulation stipulates rules for the safety level of the Danish construction industry, including construction products, so buildings are safe and healthy to live in. The Building Regulation contains rules on e.g. Administrative provisions, housing, accessibility, structures, fire safety, indoor climate, energy consumption and services and refers to European standards and approvals. The Danish standards are referred to in areas where European standards are not yet available.

See the Danish Building Regulation in (BR10) in Danish.

An English version of the Building Regulation is not yet available, but please find help at the right side of the end of this page: http://bygningsreglementet.dk/.

The Danish national annexes (NA’s) to the European construction standards, Eurocodes, are freely available on eurocodes.dk.

Danish Standards has participated in the European work on Eurocodes. The Eurocodes and the Danish national annexes can also be purchased in paper form from Danish Standard.