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CE marking and rules

Procedure for CE marking

Construction materials must have a CE marking when a harmonised standard exists.

Provisions on this subject are a result of the Construction Products Directive and Order No. 118 of 13 March 2002 concerning the CE marking and market surveillance of construction products.

When the CE marking is affixed to the construction product it is not permitted to make national demands to other forms of labeling that can in any way be confused with the CE marking.

Information on the CE marking

The CE marking must be affixed to the construction product itself or on the packaging and it must include:

  • The manufacturer’s name or identification mark
  • The last two digits of the year in which the construction product was marketed
  • The identification number of the notified bodies in cases where there is a demand for involvement of such a body by the attestation of conformity
  • The number of the EC type test in cases where participation by a certification body is a requirement for certification of compliance.
  • Information that makes it possible to identify product characteristics in relation to the technical specifications.

The CE marking should not be perceived as a quality label, but an access to market the construction product on the Single European Market.