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CE marking and rules

Special fire conditions

Legislators have had to draw upon common European guidelines for fire conditions simultaneously with the preparation of harmonised product standards. The European fire classifications are drafted in such a way that each member has had the opportunity to choose the classifications that fit the national safety level.

A very large part of the construction products will be subject to fire requirements. For these products there will be information in Annex ZA on resistance to fire and reaction to fire. 

Fire provisions in the Building regulations have changed and a conversion table has been developed from the current Danish fire classifications to the new European fire classifications.

This is described in more detail in “Appendix 4 to BR95” and “Appendix 3 to BRS98”.

The CE marked construction products must live up to the new fire classifications.

The individual construction product must typically be incorporated into a construction and although the product is classified in a European fire classification, the building as a whole must be able to meet the overall end use condition.