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CE marking and rules

when I plan a construction?

Denmark has for many years been accustomed to a system of Danish norms and standards. Since the early 1900’s this system has formed the basis for the training of Danish engineers and architects. There have not been major fundamental changes to this system for many years, but in the coming years you must be aware that major changes will occur.

There will be changes in building regulations partly due to new fire classifications.

The biggest changes will be made in the Danish norms and standards system. The norms must be adapted to handle the harmonised product standards and many Danish product and testing standards will completely disappear.

A conversion table from the Danish fire classification to the new European fire classification has been developed. This is collected in “Appendix 4 to BR95” and “Appendix 3 to BRS98”.

In a few years, European construction codes (Eurocodes) will be finally approved and implemented. Therefore it will be 5-10 years before we have a completely coherent European system. But in the meantime the implementations of the harmonised product standards will be conducted at high speed and there will constantly be changes, that you must be aware of.

As a consultant, you should be aware that as the harmonised product standards are approved, the CE marked construction products must be used. This will be of great importance for the descriptions and building drawings that you must conduct for a building.

It may be necessary to describe certain characteristics of the CE marked construction products that you should use in your building. It is not always enough to refer to the fact that the construction product must be delivered according to a specific standard or “ as XXX”.

You should be aware that you cannot – with the building regulations in hand – make demands to additional properties than those required in Annex ZA of the standards. However, you know that the manufacturers must test and inform of the properties in the same way across all of Europe.

Please note that the harmonised product standards only relate to building regulations. There can also be requirements for the product or the use arising from environmental or health and safety legislation.

You must still be aware of this.